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Mindsets for Success

Create Daily

Create value as a habit, like a daily vitamin.

Ideas for what to create:

– a blog post
– a shout-out to a company on Twitter about why you like them
– a handwritten thank you note
– an SEO analysis to send to a company
– an email drip campaign or a lead magnet for a company
– 1% progress on a side hustle/business
– a short podcast series
– a video

Don’t Be Desperate

People smell desperation in a job interview. It’s in your interest to let go of feeling desperate. But it needs to be genuine. Don’t fake it.

Links worth checking out

Quote of the Week

“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.”

— Babe Ruth

100% Responsibility

What if you assumed that literally EVERYTHING that happened to you was your responsibility? That it was caused by you in some way?

The grocery clerk didn’t smile at you? It’s on you.
Your friend didn’t call you back? It’s because of you.
Your salary isn’t fair? It goes back to you.
The weather sucks? Your fault.

“Wait wait wait, Joel….. the weather could be my fault? That’s insane.”

Well, not technically speaking, but what if you volley with me here?

HOW could the weather be your fault?

If you entertain this, you’ll see that, you are choosing to live where you live. Therefore, your experience with crappy weather is caused by you. Why don’t you move to San Diego? ; )

“But Joel, that’s unrealistic, I have a family and a mortgage.”

I know, I know, I’m with you. But maybe…. you’re auto-responding with that answer.

Stop disempowering yourself. Stop claiming you’re not free.

You ARE free, you have power over your choices. You have the ability to change your situation and to create the life you choose.

It’s all between the ears.

Life is yours to script.

Go become the author.

Change careers.
Learn something new.
Choose to smile at the clerk first. 🙂

Choose to listen to your soul.

Then take radical responsibility (respond with ability) for Your One Life.

It’s on you, if you’re ready to admit it.

and the DJH team.