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Don’t Go Naked – Start a Website Week

Whatever clothes you wear, you send a signal to people. You can’t escape it. Even if you go naked!

Well, same with your online reputation, or your digital footprint. Don’t go naked. Start a website so that when a company looks you up, they see a professional signal.

That’s why this week is Start a Website Week. The only challenge is to just start! You can commit here and easily start building here.

Start Blogging

Once you build a website, start blogging. Why not do a 30-day blogging challenge? (Or 7 or 14). It will transform your life.

Links worth checking out

Quote of the Week

“Daily blogging changes people.”
— Isaac Morehouse

Make Creativity a Habit

I remember I didn’t used to like creativity.

By the time I was a 13-year-old kid, I’d rather watch mediocre Adam Sandler movies than go create something. The idea of writing a short story, drawing a picture, or even starting up a lemonade stand all felt boring.

That’s because – I’d assert – the school system conditioned creativity out of me. I had learned to just do the minimum to survive, not go out of my way to create and thrive.

Fast forward two decades…..I’d say the opposite is true. Sure, I’ll watch a TV show now and again, but overall, I love creating over consuming.

Last night, I put on a classical music concert, both organizing it and performing. It was a lot of work, a challenge that no one was making me do.

But this morning, I feel creative bliss. It’s so satisfying to create!

Then the question becomes, how does one cultivate the creative muscle?

Through habits and routines.

When I built a website, and started daily blogging in 2016, everything changed.

I started to make writing every day a habit, no matter what mood I was in. Every day for 30 days I blogged. Then 60. Then 300.

That’s how over time, I learned to see that creativity made me happier than any passive leisure activity.

That’s one reason I started Start a Website Week this week.

Not only will you build an online brand, but when you start a blog, you can activate the creative habit.

You can unleash your buried treasure, and start feeling more alive by putting your ideas into the world.

Your fulfillment will increase.
You’ll boost your confidence.
You’ll start feeling happier.
And you’ll start creating more.

Because creativity begets creativity.

Will you sit on the sidelines? Or, will you join those of us who aren’t just watching Adam Sandler films, but maybe even writing the script?

and the DJH team.