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Bring in the Money

We’re taught to count our pennies, to save save save our money. It’s good to save…. but are you also increasing your income?

How could you invest in yourself (build skills, purchase courses), to bring in more money over time?

Stand Out

Do what no one else is doing, then you’ll probably win.

Quote of the Week

“Thought is energy.
Active thought is active energy;
concentrated thought is a concentrated energy.
Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.”

– Charles Hannel

Are You Mad Enough?

In the famous scene in the 1976 movie The Network, Sydney Lumet exclaims,

“I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore!

He’s in touch with his inner fire.

He’s so mad that he takes action.

What problems fire you up?

A broken health system?
A broken financial system?

Rather than checking out from these tragic problems, and staying in your comfort zone, connect to those feelings more.

Get MAD.

Then, find companies that are solving those problems.

Go work for ’em!
Direct your anger constructively.

How do I get mad?

I’m mad at a compulsory school system that squelches kids’ natural curiosity, creativity, and individuality.

So I’m building the DJH and Career Hackers, so we can help people re-kindle those exact traits. I want to help people discover and do what makes them come alive, without needing a boring-ass credential to make it happen.

I’m fired up AF about it.

Will you light your flame?

and the DJH team.