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Listen to the Self-Talk

It’s okay to listen to the negative voices in your head…. Just don’t believe them! Stay in charge of your mind.

Count Your Wins

To stay pumped on the job hunt, or in your current job, consciously count what you’re doing well. Your mind will use that as fuel to keep going!

Escape the Schooled Mindset

In reality, there’s no such thing as a “boss.”

What truly exists are humans making agreements with one another in the marketplace.

Yes, there are psychological dynamics of hierarchy often at play in companies. But you don’t have to “obey” anyone at work, because you are not a slave.

Where did our culture learn that a job was like being slave?

Maybe as kids, when we truly had no choice to go to school, do homework, and go through the motions. Compulsion from parents and teachers was everywhere.

But as an adult, you are free to choose where, how, and for whom you make an income. If your boss sucks, you could always go pitch yourself to get a new job!

You are free.
You are empowered.
You are the Captain of Your Own Fate.

Always remember that.

and the DJH team.