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Mindsets for Success

Why not?
Replace “why me” with “why not me?”

Create a Screencast
Use a tool like Loom to create a proof of your ability to use a software tool. Build that portfolio! Learn more here.

Tiny Steps Make Big Steps

People laugh at the idea of doing 1 push-up a day.

Why bother doing just 1?


How much better is 1 compared to 0?

Infinitely better.

Not only for your pec muscles but for your mindset.

Doing a small task like a push-up isn’t impressive by itself, but what if you did that every day for a month, 6 months, or a year?

That is being a Consistency King.

Now how could you apply this mindset to many areas of life?

Eat 1 healthy food item a day.
Meditate 1 minute a day.
Save/invest $1 a day.
Look up 1 new job posting a day.
Send 1 cold email a day.
Write a 1 sentence blog post a day.
Do 1 minute of research a day on a new career path.
Read a new Career Hackers post every day.

Over time these Tiny Steps will combine to form Big Major Steps.

And there’s a bonus!

When you do just 1 small task, you’ve gotten through the hurdle of starting. So oftentimes, you’ll WANT to do more than just 1 email or 1 push-up.

Make it easy to get things done by lowering the barrier to entry.

Your future self will thank you.

and the DJH team.