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Mindset for Success

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Stop merely following the rules and waiting in line. Channel your frustration with being ghosted or rejected, and resolve to stand out by doing more. Earn that interview!

Be Yourself. Being professional is not an excuse to be stiff and boring. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It makes you human and memorable (especially if there is a little well-placed mischief involved).

It’s Not Luck. If you constantly increase your luck surface area by putting yourself out there publicly, (volunteering, networking and building your online presence/portfolio), “lucky” opportunities eventually become inevitable.

Think clearly, act concisely. Think enough to figure out what you need to do differently, but not so much that you never get around to actually doing it.

Quote of the Week

“Either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”

― Abraham Maslow