Are you doing the right thing for your career by Isaac Morehouse on Career Hackers

Are you doing the right thing for your career?

How do you know if you're doing the right thing for your career?

Isaac Morehouse
Isaac Morehouse

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Mindsets for Success

Don't overvalue mentors
You can learn without needing a personal Yoda!

Laugh while you work
Your joy will improve your performance.

Know when you're not feeling it

It's really hard to know if you're doing the right thing for your career.

Too hard.

Sure, there are rare moments when you're totally in the zone and you know it. But most of the time, you're choosing between different options that all have pros and cons and it's not super clear which is THE one.

So instead of stressing and fighting this phenomenon, I've attempted to do the opposite.

Get good at knowing when something is wrong.

It's a lot easier than knowing when it's right!

If you can hone your unhappiness sensors, you can detect things that you know you want to avoid. You can stop doing stuff that makes you dead inside and take steps in another direction - ANY other direction!

This frees you up to choose many more options without stressing over perfection, as long as you're moving away from what you know isn't right.

It's ok to feel unsure and unclear. But you can't let that stop you from moving forward. The best way I've found to act when I don't know what's right is to move away from what's wrong.

Try it out.

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Isaac Morehouse is CMO at PartnerHacker and founder of Praxis and Career Hackers. He is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom and is a lifelong advocate of self-directed living and learning.