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Mindsets for Success

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Create vs. Consume
Start with creation. Consume later.

Don’t Fight the Highs and Lows

We were crushing it, but I wasn’t happy.

We’d gotten a big PR hit, the company was finally growing, revenue was exceeding expenses, and we’d just hired some top-notch talent. The team was thrilled, but I wasn’t.

I was stressed and focused.

I was only ever thinking about the next step, the next challenge, the next goal. And because of that, I missed a chance to make myself and the business better.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of relentless discontent optimism – a constant looking into the future to see what can be better and moving towards it. But to do this well, you’ve got to ride the waves that come.

When you’re low, it’s ok to be low. Keep moving, yes, but don’t pretend you don’t feel like crap. Don’t feel guilty for being in a tough spot. Let the rawness and difficulty of what you’re going through have the space it needs. Worth with it, through it, not around or over it.

When you’re high, ride that too!

Those crazy, energy-filled late nights when the chips are up. Ride ’em. Let it flow.

And when the wins come, celebrate them! Even the small ones! Have a mini party!

You don’t have to deny your emotions in order to transcend them. Make them your ally, not your enemy.

and the DJH team.