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Mindset for Success

Name it and tame it
It’s okay if you feel down every now and then. The job hunt can be a roller coaster of emotions. But remember you can name it to tame it to move through these emotions. Naming the emotion – sadness, disappointment, anger – allows you to process it, accept it, and move on. Hugely valuable skill, both on and off the job hunt. Give it some practice.

Do something – anything
If you feel stuck in analysis paralysis, just do something. Focus less on what action to take (that’s why you’re paralyzed to begin with) and more on taking action in the first place. Because any time you act – even if it’s the “wrong” action – you will build momentum. And once you’re moving, you can change course. You can’t do that while standing still. So get going!

Quote of the Week

“Nobody cares about you. People care about themselves and how a situation will increase what’s valuable to them. If you understand that sentence, you’ll never have a problem again.”

— Ed Latimore