Recapping this week’s DJH

Mindsets for Success

Become an anti-procrastinator

Do the hard things as soon as you can. Usually the hard thing is going to send the most results to you future self.

Be more selfish. Do the hard things first.

Give the Free Sample

Someone just pitched me to start a TikTok channel for Career Hackers.

She not only sent a pitch a video for why she wanted to do it, but she sent two free samples of potential TikTok videos to go on the channel (here’s one of them).

She did the job before she had the job.

I had to book a call with her immediately. No questions asked.

Why don’t you do this for your next opportunity? You’ll land interviews left and right.

Live Workshop! How to Handle Fear (on the job hunt)

Fear is part of life. The question is, how much? Does it paralyze you, or do you see it as a tool to move towards your goals?

How can to handle fear with confidence, allowing you to take action in your life, career, or job hunt?

Register for our live workshop, How to Handle Fear (on the job hunt), Thursday, Dec. 1 at 4:00pm EST.

Register for free.

Do you make less than $40K a year?

Inflation is tough and hitting people hard. Maybe people like you.

So maybe you’re ready to level up, change your career, and bring in more income, but investing in a tech bootcamp is hard to stomach in the short-term.

General Assembly gets that.

A leader in education and career launch for over 10 years, GA has helped transform tens of thousands of careers, and now are offering discounts to individuals who currently earn less than $40,000/year.

If you enroll in their full-time bootcamp between now and January 31, you could be eligible for a major discount on tuition.

Fill out this short form to schedule a call with an Admissions team member and verify your eligibility.

Meme of the Week

Are you growing or are you dying?

The only constant in life is change.

The Law of Non-Permanence.

Energy is either expanding or shrinking, growing or dying.

This applies to each habit in life you have.

You read books everyday? You’re growing.
You scroll mindlessly everyday? You’re dying.

You journal and learn about yourself daily? You’re growing.
You evade and lie to yourself everyday? You’re dying.

You invest $200/month? You’re growing.
You spend beyond your means each month? You’re dying.

The compounding effect works in both directions.

What habits are you choosing?

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