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Mindset for Success

Less is More. Instead of adding as many contacts as you can on LinkedIn, reach out to a few people with a tailored message that shows you’re genuinely interested in connecting. Instead of getting as many resumes as possible out there, send a personal pitch to 1-3 companies you love. And rather than spending as many hours as possible on your job hunt each day, block off a protected window of time and be highly intentional. Much better ROI.

Small Seeds. What are the smallest steps you can take today that will bring you momentum?

– Look up 1 email address of an employee
– Spend 5 minutes reading a company’s blog
– Follow 3 companies you like on Twitter
– Write down 3 bullet points for what you might say in a pitch video
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Don’t measure a day by the harvest your reap. Measure it by the seeds you plant.

Quote of the Week

“Forgive yourself as you strive to be your best self.”
— Angel Moreira

What All The Pros Are Doing (Sample Yourself)

Grocery stores let you try samples of new foods.
Big games release demos you can play for free.
Online courses let you watch the first few lectures for free.
Most apps have a free version you can try before going pro.

See a pattern here?

Why do you think big companies all offer those try-before-you-buy options?

Obviously, it’s because it works.

Mind you, it’s not because they merely think it works.
It’s because it actually works.

Big companies have very well-paid data scientists on staff that track all the numbers and analyze the effectiveness of every single campaign in the most minute detail.

They have extensive historical data, usually dating back well over a decade, as well as current data they use to exclude the influence of seasons, competitor campaigns, and even the weather, on the sales numbers. This, together with incredibly intricate machine learning models, allows them to calculate exactly what the effect of a campaign is in terms of costs and benefits.

So, when they say it works, it works. Period.
And that’s why they offer free samples.

Now, how about you?

Do you have any free samples?

What can companies try, see, hear, taste, or otherwise experience about you, before they ‘buy?’

Can they read some of your writing on Medium or your personal blog?
Can they see your designs on Behance?
Can they find your code on Github?
Can they hear your thoughts on a podcast?
Can they watch a little video on Youtube or Crash?

If you don’t have anything yet, start creating some content and put it out there, today. Include it in your job applications.

Even a simple “7 things I learned doing X” post can set you miles apart from the competition!

So, sample yourself.

Of course, it’s a bit of work.
And of course it can be scary to put yourself out there.

But remember why all the pros are doing it.

It really, really works.

and the DJH team