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Mindset for Success

Play to Win
We often talk about pitching a company directly, because it works so well (80% success rate). But to a lot of you, it seems, pitching just sounds like too much work.

You’re both right and wrong.

It’s a lot more work than just clicking ‘apply’ and uploading the same old resume for the millionth time, that’s true. But it’s also a million times more fun! It’s like completing a video game. It’s a lot of hours, but is it really work?

So get in the right mindset. Gamer-up and become playful.

Shoot a little video pitch and see what happens. Make a little project and see what happens. Email the hiring manager and see what happens.

Play to win.

Draft mindset
Are you often tempted to put off doing tasks or projects? A good antidote to this is the draft mindset.

Instead of telling yourself “now I’m going to email the hiring manager,” say “now I’m going to draft an email to the hiring manager.”

Not only does that take away a lot of pressure: you also build momentum you can build on. Because now you have a draft to work with next time.

Give it a try!

Quote of the Week

“Life is long, if you know how to use it.”
— Seneca