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Mindsets for Success

Let Go of the Fear of an Online Brand

Afraid to build a website, start a blog, or share your thoughts online?

It’s okay to feel fear. And you don’t “have to” share yourself online.

But can you let that fear go?

Because when you show yourself, you start building a signal of your skills, your character, your personality.

That’s the 21st century way to build a career. Be your own credential.

Who To Email

When you email a pitch, to whom do you send it? Depends. There’s no Exact Right Answer to job hunting. But here are some ideas:

The CEO (for a small org)
The VP of your role (VP of sales, marketing, client success, etc.)
HR person/recruiter
A future coworker even

Best bet is to pick the person with whom you think you’ll work the closest.

But again, there’s no right answer. Play with it! Think for yourself.

Quote of the Week

“Daily ripples of excellence over time become a tsunami of success.”

— Robin S. Sharma

Build Your Cathedral One Brick at a Time

We talk often about building an online brand or portfolio, so you can showcase who you are and be your own credential.

Start a blog (we say over and over), document your learning, answer questions on Quora, build a website, write articles on Medium, start a Youtube channel (just for fun!), write book reviews, create sketches on Instagram, launch a podcast, and so on.

You may think, “sounds good, but I’ve got nothing so far….why bother, that’ll be hard to get all those projects going. It’ll take forever…. I don’t have time.”

You feel overwhelmed or deflated. With the stories you tell yourself, you resign before you even start.

That’s because you’re aiming too high!

Just build one brick at a time.

Pick one way to build a brand.

Maybe just buy a domain name, e.g. []. Boom. You’ve laid your first brick!

Then just focus on building a basic website, and a simple “about me” page.

THEN, maybe start a blog.

Overtime, you can keep adding to your portfolio so when someone Googles you, they will admire what they see!

There’s a long game. Will you play it?

One brick at a time can make a cathedral.

and the DJH Team

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