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Mindsets for Success

Action Breeds Motivation

No need to wait for inspiration or motivation.

When you start with action, the motivation comes AFTER.

Reinvent Yourself

Many people start climbing one mountain (a career path), get two-thirds of the way up, and then realize they don’t even like the mountain.

And the view at the top won’t be much better.

At this point, you have a couple choices:

1) Be honest with yourself – choose to start up a new mountain
2) Pretend you like the mountain and fall for the sunk-cost fallacy

If you choose option #1, this will mean you are choosing to reinvent yourself.

It will mean starting over in a sense, which might feel hard.

But it’s also setting you up for a joyous future.

You don’t want to wake up 5, 10, or 20 years from now and regret not having started over earlier.

You have one life. Follow your bliss.

Quote of the Week

“Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It Will Get Better

Are you going through a rough time right now?

Ride the wave. For the tide will come in before long.

It’s simply a matter of time.

You’re not “stuck,” because “stuck” doesn’t exist.

The universe is always changing and evolving.

This includes your rough situation.

This doesn’t mean taking action isn’t essential as well, it’s just invites you to realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your situation can and will change, if you are patient.

I remember when I was going through my career change, trying to leave a job I hated and break into startups.

I felt lots of undesirable feelings. Plenty of tears were shed.

But I knew that moving with resilience through this time period would serve my future self.

I kept on showing up and moving forward each day, doing the unsexy tasks when no one else was watching.

You have the power to choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances.

Befriend yourself, love yourself, empower yourself.

You got this.

and the DJH Team

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