Recapping this week’s DJH

Mindsets for Success

Move Through the Resistance

If you’re going to do something hard like send a pitch don’t wait ’til the perfect moment when you feel inspired, free and flowery. Instead, ship the project even in the face of capital R Resistance.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.

The Open Secret to Success

The open secret to success is to do one each thing day to move forward on your project, goal, or dream.

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Listen, my friends, Career Hackers is about way more than careers, it’s about new education paradigms.

Instead of relying on the old system of degrees – showing up to class, GPA’s, and checking the boxes – we focus on learning what you’re interested in, and building real-world skills.

That’s why I really believe in the Springboard mission to transform one million lives through education by 2030.

They are part of the revolution in education and career launch.

So if you’re feeling fed up with your current job, grinding it out like a cog-in-a-wheel, think about investing in a new career that follows your interests.

If you’re curious to learn to code, then follow that natural interest!

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“Springboard provides a lot of support. I felt really supported by my mentor and all the teaching assistants. Everybody is super knowledgeable, and I could ask them a question any time.”
Julia Ayres

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Quote of the Week

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Switch to the Positivity Bias

The negativity bias is one of the most pervasive biases in the modern world.

We like to find things that aren’t going well, or aren’t good enough.

That’s okay if you fall into it. I do too. Probably everyone does.

But what if we had a antidote?

I’d like to introduce the Positivity Bias!

The Positivity Bias is a muscle you flex by routinely asking yourself,

“What went well today?”
“What progress am I making?
“How can I give myself credit?”

For example,

“Wow, today I heard back from a company. That’s thanks to my efforts to reach out.”

“Looking over the past 6 months, I’m now earning $5K more salary, have 3 new professional connections, and read 5 books.”

Now, you don’t need to be off-the-charts positive, you just need to acknowledge honestly what you’ve done.

Because the progress you’ve made is just as much a part of reality as the mistakes are.

So be your own best friend and give yourself some credit.

Choose to apply the Positivity Bias.

and the DJH Team

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