Recapping this week’s DJH

Mindsets for Success

Creating Is Healing

Most of us got creatively wounded going through K-12 school:

  • do mandatory assignments
  • suppression of emotions and opinions
  • little time for play

We got hammered with these messages for 12 years…. so how do we return to our whole, creative selves? Just start creating, e.g. write a blog post, start an Etsy business, or build a pitch deck for a company,

As you create, you’ll want to create more!

Busyness vs. Effectiveness

Busyness is no virtue, but effectiveness is. Work smart!

Quote of the Week

“Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus.”
— Robin Sharma

How to Make a Video Pitch – Live Workshop

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Growth Is Invisible

You probably get a haircut every month or so.

But do you ever “see” your hair grow in any given moment?

Of course not. It’s so gradual that it’s invisible.

Same with your lawn, your kid’s height, or your biceps.

And your personal and professional growth, too!

Like all growth, personal/professional growth happens over time, so invite yourself to trust the process.

Whether it’s learning to assert yourself, learning to write better, gaining competence at sales or marketing, gaining confidence at cold-emailing, or building skills in coding, none of it happens instantly.

But in today’s hyper-fast world, it can be hard to wait for results.  (Trust me, as a millennial, parts of me still expect instant gratification….).

But learning the art of patience will serve you in your life, your job hunt, and your career.

Focus on what is in front of you, and trust that the harvest will come.

and the DJH Team

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