Most people haven’t unplugged themselves from the matrix.

They are still under the guise that there is a group of “leaders,” “authority figures,” and “officials” who are going to take care of things.

Hence why people go bananas for election day, thinking that’s the way for the world to change.

Freakin’ ridiculous if you ask me.

That same “follow the leader” mentality applies to job applications.

In this case that parental figure is “the company.”

If you pass the tests of resume, cover letter, and interview, they’ll take care of you with your salary, benefits, and neat and tidy job description.

(Good golly. Makes me nauseous just writing that sentence).

The reality – the Red Pill of Job Hunting – is that there is so elusive “company.” There are individuals who put their pants on in the morning, who have wants and needs, who want to be seen and supported just like you.

So empower yourself!

Make their day.

Create value.

Pitch ’em.

Tip of the Week

Prioritize sleep so you can be more creative during the day.

Quote of the Week

“To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human”
– Mouse (The Matrix)