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Imagine the company’s perspective

Companies are just groups of people who put their pants on in the morning, like you do.

And their day-to-day is full of to-do lists, like yours is.

So make it easier for them!

Don’t wait to be told what to do. Just create value, without permission. Start doing the job before you have the job.

How to Get a Sales Job, Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about:

1) choosing a cool company
2) researching them

The next steps are:

3) Build a list of leads. Just create a spreadsheet and list contact information. For a B2B company (business to business), you could do this by

    A) looking at the company’s website to find case studies of current customers
    B) Then, look for competitors of those current customers.

Use to find email addresses for your leads. And remember, even if your leads actually suck, your project is highly valuable because you are signaling that you’re wiling to do the work.

4) Create a video pitch for the company.

Quote of the Day

“People notice you when you connect with them.”
—Nick Arl