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Wake Up Earlier

If you think you don’t have time to build something compelling to send to a company, then try waking up earlier.

Even 20 minutes earlier.

Pour your coffee, do your little meditation, and focus on building that project for 20 minutes straight.

Do that every day for 5 days and you’ll see the results.

Consistent action is everything.

How to Get a Sales Job, Part 1

For the next three editions of The DJH, we’ll teach you to get a sales job. Anyone can do sales, if you choose your attitude.

Here’s Part 1.

1) Choose a company that excites you. Just one company. You want to go deep, not wide, in your job hunt. You’re going to build the skill of pitching. Even if this one doesn’t work out, you’ll be getting better at the process of pitching.

2) Do 30-60 minutes of research on them. Learn about their mission, their team, their competitors. Use LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and the company’s website.

In Part 2, we’ll share more on how to build a list of leads.

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