20 Ways To Stand Out On The Job Hunt

20 Ways To Stand Out On The Job Hunt

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Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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20 Ways to Stand Out on the Job Hunt

  1. Do more research on companies
  2. Do work before getting the job
  3. Show examples of work you’ve done
  4. Get wacky and creative
  5. Use video
  6. Build your own body of work
  7. Be personal in outreach
  8. Grow a social media following
  9. Document your work
  10. Write publicly
  11. Have a one-stop-shop for all your work
  12. Address the hiring manager by name
  13. Reach out to employees
  14. Take control of your follow-ups
  15. Build and share a sixty-day plan
  16. Work out loud
  17. Focus on quality, not quantity
  18. Don’t do stuff you hate
  19. Use video cover letters to pitch companies
  20. Do something different

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