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Don’t Focus on the Job Board

Job boards are good for finding companies and roles.

But applying on them won’t get you an interview.

Instead, send them something too good to ignore, (e.g. “Hey, I saw your FAQ page is a bit out of date so I drafted up a new one. Feel free to use it. I’d love to get 15 minutes and learn more about your company and what needs you have”).

Go above and beyond.

2 Sales Bootcamps and 22 Sales Podcasts

Anyone can get a sales job at a fast-growing company. It’s all about your mindset, attitude, and willingness to learn.

Here are 2 bootcamps designed to teach anyone to break into the profession:

Victory Lap – 4 weeks with guaranteed job placement
preHired – 12 weeks, with guaranteed $60K job offer

Here are the top 22 sales podcasts as listed by Brainshark. We’ve linked to five of them below.

  1. Make It Happen Mondays
  2. Sales Gravy
  3. The Salesman Podcast
  4. The Ziglar Show
  5. Sell or Die

Go dive in and learn sales! No experienced required.

Quote of the Day

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

— Zig Ziglar