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It’s OK to be Frustrated

If you’re frustrated not hearing back from companies after you applied on the job posting, that makes sense.

That’s because that method of job hunting is broken.

Send something different directly in an email to a human.

Self-Driven Learning

It’s easy to think you “don’t have the skills” for a certain job.

But what if you re-framed that as “I don’t have the skills YET?”

How can you learn via the world wide web?

In this short post, Lolita Allgyer gives her tips for breaking into the professional world without a 4 year degree. She’s talking to teenagers, but the advice applies in many directions:

What if, instead of going to a 4-year university, you did this:

  1. Pick 8 skills that can make you money.
  2. Study each one for 6 months.

You could just pick ONE skill and study it for ONE month (or week!). Just get started.

P.S. Check out Udemy, Skillshare, and Masterclass for places to learn skills.

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