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Make the connection

You can get almost any job you want. Just prove you have what it takes, even if you have no formal experience.

Customer Support – “I empathized with frustrated three-year olds as a babysitter.”

Sales – “In high school I cold-called 50 friends and family to buy candy bars for a fundraiser.”

Marketing – “I learned the basics of Facebook Ads in a 20 minute video I watched. Here’s a blog post summarizing what I learned.”

Tell stories about what you have done and how that matters.

Show you are self-reflective, and have a willingness to learn.

Companies crave it.

How to Network on Twitter

Twitter can be a very effective tool to network (3 min.), especially in the world of startups.

Some tips:

1) Follow your interests (this is fundamental)

2) Create value (when an article interests you, Tweet about why)

3) DM with questions (be genuine and build rapport)

4) Show your work (e.g. “I love Spotify so much, I went ahead and made this list of the top playlists for each season”)

5) Follow the rabbit trails (let your curiosity drive you deep)

Quote of the Day

“Instead of trying to shake 20 hands, get 30 business cards and add 40 people to your LinkedIn, consider taking the time with authentic introductions and conversations that are grounded in connection over racing to see how quickly they can find a new conversion or sale.”

― Loren Weisman