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Make a Good Guess

It’s insanely powerful to send a company a custom project.

A list of leads. A 30 day action plan. A content calendar. A landing page. A new logo.

But here’s the thing. The company might not find the project readily valuable.

Your leads list might be off in its target audience. Or they might already have someone making a new logo.

But by sending a project, you are signaling what type of person you are. That you are thinking from their perspective and willing to go above and beyond.

That’s why they’ll want to hire you.

Create More Than You Consume

Reading good content (like the DJH) is definitely productive.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to create your way into a job.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re making progress by reading books or listening to podcasts.

Ironically, that’s what this new 13 min. Career Crashers podcast is all about.

You could listen to it as a reminder. Or don’t. Just go build something.

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