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Build Social Capital

“Social capital” is the goodwill you have with a person. Boost it often.

Be curious about people, and ask interesting questions. Do favors. Look for excuses to write handwritten thank you notes.

Do the same on the job hunt. Reach out and thank or compliment employees at your dream company. Share an article they wrote.

Better yet, write a blog post about why a company is awesome, and send it to the founder.

Create and give, baby!

Run your job hunt on social media

We live in a new world. Why not get creative and broadcast your job hunt on social? In this post, check out how Amanda Jones landed a marketing role just that way. She says:

“If you start a conversation, you have a much higher percentage of saying, Hey I want to slide a pitch in there,’ or even asking for referrals, being like, ‘Hey, this person at Microsoft said you’re going to go really far.’ Then like, go DM them!”

Say what you want about Twitter, but it can be a magical place.

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