How To Get A Job In 5 Steps

Land an awesome job using these 5 simple steps

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Do Stuff Right in Front of You

Instead of "picking a career," just start doing projects.

- Design a logo for a business.

- Blog every day for 30 days.

- Do photography at an event for free and give the photo album to the organizers.

- Pitch a company, even if you're "not qualified," learn on the job, and then document your learning.

Over time, you'll build a body of work. That you can call that your "career."

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How to Get a Job in 5 Steps

Check out this quick 5 video playlist on how to find and land an awesome job.

Step 1: roles
Step 2: opportunities
Step 3: pitch
Step 4: work
Step 5: Find the Hiring Manager

The playlist will take 12 minutes to watch. Half the time you already scrolled on Facebook today. Let's go. Watch it.

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