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Perfection as the Enemy of Good

Look, in school you were trained to think an A minus wasn’t good enough. It’s got the word “minus” in it, for crying out loud! No wonder almost everyone in our culture has perfectionism problems.

In the real world, good enough is almost always good enough.

We can’t say it enough: ship your projects, be it a cold-email, a follow-up email, a video pitch, or a custom project. Just do it.

How to Build a Career

Derek Magill launched a career without using a resume. You can too. He gave an hour-long talk with his advice, and here are time-stamped highlights:

  • 17:07 – You can ignore what the job posting says
  • 19:08 – What signals value in the market place?
  • 21:46 – Bottom up approach to building a career (make projects)

Quote of the Day

“And even though I had no formal experience, I was able to just send companies pitches and just demonstrate to them directly why they should work with me. And it worked!”

— Jackson Sullivan