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First Mover Advantage

Because you’re reading this, you have First Mover Advantage.

Most people still think resumes matter! So when you send a pitch, you stand out that much more.

One day, we envision the pitch economy, where pitches are as common as sliced bread. In that world, it will be more competitive (and more humanized, too).

For now, know that even if your pitch isn’t perfect, you will stand out, just because you decided to send one.

“I Created a Chatbot for You.”

Gregory Williamson won an SDR role at Scripted, with no real experience.

He won the job after he made them a chatbot, without asking anyone’s permission.

“They had Intercom, but they just had a little box for you to message them and nothing more. So for after-work hours and on the weekends, you couldn’t engage with people that were visiting the website.

So I thought, ‘Let me build out a chatbot for them.’ I went and started a free trial of Intercom and created an entire Q&A branch, built out a script for them, and then I put it all into my Intercom account.

Then I recorded a short video explaining what I’d done for them. I sent that over to the CEO before my interview with him, kind of as a value proposition slash pitch.”

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