Create vs. Complain

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the gathering darkness.

Will you create, or complain?

Learn to Code and Build a Thriving Career in Tech

The future is portfolios, not transcripts. 

As time goes one, companies care more about proof-of-work

So to break into a career in coding, you’ll want to build projects.

You’ll get just that at Flatiron School, a coding bootcamp where you’ll go heads down to create actual apps and websites to show to companies what you can really do. 

And as you learn by doing, you’ll feel supported from an unmatched community — from study groups to lab time with instructional staff, and Slack check-ins, students often say their cohort supported them through the program. 

Ride the wave of the future of work. Learn an in-demand skill like coding, in as little as 15 weeks. 

Apply today to get started.

5 Best Practices To Ace Your Job Hunt

People who ace their job hunt take an empowered mindset and put themselves out there, without apology.

What attitude will you take?

Read more from Ashley Stahl in 5 Best Practices To Ace Your Job Hunt.

“Let go of your ego and your assumptions. Approach every conversation from the standpoint that this person might be able to help, and let them know that you’re looking for a new job. This follows the oldest rule in the book — the squeaky wheel gets the grease!”

Quote of the Day

Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. I mean, I’ve never arrived… I’m still learning all the time.”

— Renee Fleming

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