Live with purpose

Protect your time.
Value your attention.
Do hard things.
Create value.
Align your actions with your higher goals.
Don’t drift.
Don’t waste time.
Live intentionally.
Live with purpose.

Learn to Code (Don’t Go At It Alone)

Maybe you’re itching for a career change. 

You’re thinking of learning to code, but you don’t know where to start. 

You feel alone. You can’t focus. It’s hard to gain traction. 

Don’t keep spinning your wheels!

Invest in yourself, and allow yourself to be supported. Surround yourself with the people who will rub off on you and guide you to your next career horizon.

As one of the top-rated coding bootcamps, Flatiron School is dedicated to helping you find the right career in software engineering. 

The course is designed for total beginners. No matter your background or previous education, Flatiron removes the barriers so you can learn new tech skills and change your career.

You won’t just learn about front end or back end development. Flatiron’s course dives deep into both front end and back end, enabling students to ultimately pursue a variety of careers in software development.

And after graduation, get up to 180 days of 1-on-1 coaching from experienced career coaches.

Apply today to get started.

The Last Safe Investment

We’re taught to “play it safe” with our financial investments so that we can “have enough to retire.” So we protect our money and don’t make the most important investments, the investments in ourselves.

The Last Safe Investment flips this entire frame and invites you to spend now to increase your True Wealth (happiness, health, and financial wealth) forever.

This book might change your life. It changed mine.

Invest in it now. ; )


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