Stepping Stones

You can do what makes you come alive right now. You don’t need to wait to live out your dreams.

But it’s also ok to pace yourself.

What are some stepping stones that could move you in the right direction?

How to Email a Hiring Manager the WRONG way

You can email the hiring manager and cut through the noise. But please don’t be generic.

Read more in How to Email a Hiring Manager the WRONG way.

“This email is a much better way to email a hiring manager:

‘Hey Isaac,

I’ve been following Career Hackers and am in love with what you’re doing to help job seekers. Your guide to engineering careers was spot on, and the kind of stuff I wish I’d known sooner. I made something for you, check it out here: (link to kick-ass pitch, ideally with custom project coding up something relevant to Career Hackers).

Would love a few minutes to learn your growth plans and if you need any help with engineering, I’m your guy! Even if contract/side project, would love to be a part of what you’re building.

You up for a 15 minute chat?’

Quote of the Day

“Never be afraid to change course.”

— Tom Bilyeu

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