Why Not?

Person: “Why would I start a podcast?”
Me: “Why not start a podcast?”

Person: “Why would I take a month travelling while working remotely?”
Me: “Why not test it?”

Person: “Why would start a side project?”
Me: “Why haven’t you started a side project?”

Flip the frame.

5 Steps To Figure Out What You Want to Do

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Get inspired in 5 Steps To Figure Out What You Want to Do.

“As you navigate your career journey, embrace growth and adaptability with open arms. Embrace the ever-changing landscape and embrace the thrill of learning.”

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Quote of the Day

“If you really want to pack a punch, you can actually do the job before you get the job. Create something for them. If it’s a sales job, build a list of leads and send it. If it’s a design job, design something they could use in their marketing efforts. If it’s a customer success job, create a list of answers to FAQs from their customers. Get specific, and get creative.”
— Isaac Morehouse

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