Prove That You Are Awesome

How To Prove That You Are Awesome

Signaling the value you can create is the way to get jobs now

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Signal your value

Getting a job is about signaling the value you can create.

Signals are everywhere. If you have a weird email address you made in 8th grade, that's a signal about your (lack of) conscientiousness and attention to detail.

When you ask an interesting question in an interview, that's a signal about your curiosity and growth mindset.

And when a company Googles you, and they see a personal website, a podcast you started, tutorial videos you've made, posts on Medium, and a slew of documents and URL's showing the professional projects you've achieved, you're signaling you're a bad-ass!

Don't have a portfolio yet? No need to feel overwhelmed. Just start with something small.

Examples of portfolios

Here are some solid examples of website and portfolio projects you can gain inspiration from:

Quote of the Day

"The future is portfolios, not transcripts."
— Ana Lorena Fabrega

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