Question Your Mindset

The truth is…. you learned to follow directions growing up in school….for 12+ years!

That’s a lot of repetition.

So the neurons in your mind likely have very established pathways and patterns.

That’s okay, it wasn’t your fault!

But now is the chance to re-shape your thinking, and choose a new mindset.

A mindset of creative, entrepreneurial forward tilt. Go build something today, without waiting for directions.

Start doing this, and you’ll start to feel more excited and fulfilled and empowered.

Launch into a New Career (it’s easier than you think)

Did you like to draw as a kid? Maybe it’s time to reconnect with that, by designing digital products via a career in UX/UI!

Getting started may be easier than you think…

No matter what professional experience you have so far in your career, you’ve already built valuable soft skills to enrich your UX/UI career.

The next step: empower yourself to learn new hard skills! UX Academy by Designlab will guide you.

With flexible hours and proven results, Designlab offers a learning path to help you reach your new career goals:

  • Fully online, async learning experience
  • 1:1 mentorship with an experienced designer
  • No design experience needed—Designlab offers a prerequisite course to help you gain foundational design skills to prep for UX Academy
  • You can get started with the UX Academy Foundations course at just 10 hours a week for 8 weeks
  • 1765 graduates hired
  • You can book a call with admissions to answer any questions you have

Start here.

BuiltIn Remote Jobs

BuiltIn has plenty of remote jobs listed.

Find 1-3 companies, do 15 minutes of research, then go make a custom pitch!

Companies would love to hear from you. Take action!

Quote of the Day

“You never lose. You either win or learn.”

— Nelson Mandela (adapted)

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