Free Trial

How many digital apps do you have that offer a free trial, then ask for a subscription once you’ve signed up?

The reason they do this is simple: they want you as a paying customer.

Well, what if you offered a free trial to a company for YOUR services? Offering free work for 1 week or 1 month is a powerful signal.

Most people feel antsy about this approach, but once you get over that, you’ll realize it might be the best way to land a job offer.

Launch into a New Career (it’s easier than you think)

Did you like to draw as a kid? Maybe it’s time to reconnect with that, by designing digital products via a career in UX/UI!

Getting started may be easier than you think…

No matter what professional experience you have so far in your career, you’ve already built valuable soft skills to enrich your UX/UI career.

The next step: empower yourself to learn new hard skills! UX Academy by Designlab will guide you.

With flexible hours and proven results, Designlab offers a learning path to help you reach your new career goals:

  • Fully online, async learning experience
  • 1:1 mentorship with an experienced designer
  • No design experience needed—Designlab offers a prerequisite course to help you gain foundational design skills to prep for UX Academy
  • You can get started with the UX Academy Foundations course at just 10 hours a week for 8 weeks
  • 1765 graduates hired
  • You can book a call with admissions to answer any questions you have

Start here.

Pitch Deck > Cover Letter

Instead of sharing your background in words via a boring cover letter….make a pitch deck! With a few slides, share your story with images and testimonials, pitching your value to the market.

Here’s an example from Noah.

Quote of the Day

“You control your own wins and losses.”

— Maria Sharapova

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