Tell Your Story, Not Your Status

It’s key to learn the art of storytelling. Why? Because humans love stories! It’s very valuable in creating engaging conversation when you meet someone, or on an interview.

Most people revert to talking about what job titles or college major they had (status), but that tells very little of who you are as a person.

Instead, express a narrative and share how you’ve showed up to face and overcome obstacles and challenges.

You are the hero of your own story.

Own it.

Will You Stay on the Sidelines?

There are two types of people in this world:

1) People who do things
2) People who watch other people do things

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CH Classic: 4 Completely Inoffensive Ways to Say “No” at Work

It’s great to say “yes” often at work, so you can create more value and create opportunities.

At the same time, reality has constraints and limits. So learning to say “no” diplomatically is key, too.

Read more in this CH Classic: 4 Completely Inoffensive Ways to Say “No” at Work (Because “Yes” Isn’t Always an Option).

“No one wants to be known as the person who always declines. Because after a while, people will stop asking you for things (like joining the really cool, exciting, important opportunities). So, instead, aim to be known for the considerate way in which you express yourself—even in tough conversations.”

Quote of the Day

“Be the one who decided to go for it.”
— Unknown

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