Who To Email

When you email a pitch, to whom do you send it?

Depends. There’s no Exact Right Answer to job hunting. But here are some ideas:

The CEO (for a small org)
The VP of your role (VP of sales, marketing, client success, etc.)
HR person/recruiter
A future coworker even

Best bet is to pick the person with whom you think you’ll work the closest.

But again, there’s no right answer. Play with it! Think for yourself.

How to Beat Procrastination during your Job Hunt

Procrastination may be the main reason you aren’t coming alive in your career or job hunt.

That procrastination has a root cause likely from your childhood, FYI. But, it’s also valuable to have a go-to approach for how-to beat procrastination, in the moment.

Here it is.

“But maybe you watch the days go by and a voice deep down says, ‘man, I need to build video pitches and find companies I love. I need to do deep dives (research) so I can blow them away. But I keep putting it off!'”

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