Let Go of the Fear of an Online Brand

Afraid to build a website, start a blog, or share your thoughts online?

It’s okay to feel fear. And you don’t “have to” share yourself online.

But can you let that fear go?

Because when you show yourself, you start building a signal of your skills, your character, your personality.

That’s the 21st century way to build a career. Be your own credential.

How to Find the Hiring Manager

You can actually skip the job application portal, completely. Just email the hiring manager your pitch! That simple.

Here’s How to Find the Hiring Manager.

“Go to the company’s website – do they have an about or team page?

  • If yes, look for people with titles in the department you’re interested in.
  • If the company has under 200 employees, there’s a good chance the most senior person in the department is involved in every hire.

Go to their careers page, as well. Look at the job postings. See if the description indicates who the role would report to. If it lists a title, go find that person on LinkedIn.”

Quote of the Day

“You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make a choice.”

— Seth Godin

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