Self-Love First

Deep down, do you believe any of the following?

“It’s important to give to others first.”
“My needs don’t matter.”
“Selflessness is a virtue.”
“What makes me worthy is giving to others.”

These types of beliefs are signs you are denying yourself self-acceptance and self-love.

If you do that, no one wins, including the people you want to give to!

Make a commitment to start to truly love yourself.

This is foundational for a flourishing life and career.

P.S. If part of you thinks this is self-help BS, then I invite you to love that part of you as well. ; )

100 Ways to Work Out Loud

A key way to build skills, build a portfolio, and activate your creativity is to work out loud.

You can start simple. Start reading a book on a topic, then show what you learn with a book review, short or long. You can do it! (Here’s a book review I did, for example).

Read more in 100 Ways to Work Out Loud.

20. “Review those books on Amazon.

21. Write long-form reviews of the books on your blog

22. Write one-sentence or one-word reviews for Twitter.

23. Start a Tinyletter or Substack email about it.

24. Start a publication about it on Medium. Invite others to post there. Request permission to pull standalone articles into the publication.

25. Build a website all about the topic. Link to books, videos, tutorials, podcasts, etc.”

Quote of the Day

“Self-love has very little to do with how you feel about your outer self. It’s about accepting all of yourself.”

– Tyra Banks

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