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Next Play

Hall of fame Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has a saying:

“Next play.”

He instills this mindset in his players. He says, if you make a costly mistake, or a referee makes a bad call, what are you gonna do next? Get super mad? Or just go on to the next play?

The same with the job hunt. Since rejection sucks, it’s easy to wallow in your feelings.

Don’t suppress them, but don’t waste time, either. Empower yourself, and make the next play in your job search an awesome one!

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4 Ways to Keep Networking Real

Real “networking” is just building connection and rapport with other humans. It doesn’t have to suck. Here are 4 tips from The Muse.

1. Be Yourself. (relax, you’re cooler than you think).
2. Be Open (it’s okay to share something personal)
3. Be Curious (get people talking about themselves)
4. Be Generous (e.g. give them an intro to someone else)

Here’s the full article (3 min).

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