One of the best ways to launch a career without school, college, or experience — to be your own credential — is to prove your knowledge of tech tools with a screencast.

Basically, you can use a tool like Loom to record yourself using and explaining a software tool that a company might use, e.g. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

(See a list of common tech tools for each role type in our career guides)

To learn the tool itself, you can sign up for a free trial, tinker around, watch a YouTube video, then show what you’ve learned when you send your portfolio to a company.

It doesn’t need to perfect, but it’s powerfully valuable to do this.

How to Be The Best Employee In the World

The 21st century mindset is about going from following-directions to going above-and-beyond in your work.

Read more in How to Be the Best Employee in the World.

“To be the best employee in the world, stop being an employee at all.

Be an artist.

Create above and beyond. Find extra problems to solve. Make people’s lives easier. Build new projects without permission.”

Quote of the Day

“The only person who needs to believe in you is you.”
— Unknown

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