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Don’t Watch the News

Watching the news is often upsetting, full of fear and hyped drama.

It’s okay to tune it out, especially while on the job hunt.

Don’t let that negative energy affect what matters: you taking control of your own career.

Instead of basking in the world’s problems, go solve them by pitching a company.

Crash Your Career Pocketbook

A couple years ago, we wrote a little pocketbook, Crash Your Career! It’s all about how to get noticed and win opportunities.

One reviewer said, “This little gem of good advice offers lots of practical tips for adapting your energies to the rapidly changing needs of today’s workplace.”

You can literally walk around with this thing in y0ur pocket. Go grab a copy. It’s just $6.

Quote of the Day

“Don’t read or watch info on how to do it, instead give yourself a real project with a real due date. Promise a friend you’ll create a logo for his website in two weeks. Then give it a try. Now that you have a real problem to solve, and real obstacles you’ve encountered along the way, those instructional videos on how to do it will have context and value to you.”

― Isaac Morehouse, Crash Your Career