Let Go of Should

Stop saying you “should” do X or Y.

That’s the opposite of freedom.

Forever let go of the curse-world that is “should”!

You are free.

P.S. I’m not saying you should, though. ; )

Fuel Your Mind, Free Your Mind

If you want to come alive in your life and career, then you need:

A) a fresh, 21st century empowered mindset
B) to remove the old mindset we learned in school!

That’s where Human Liberation comes in, our new coaching service designed to pluck out old, subconscious beliefs from the root, freeing you to become who you were meant to be.

Learn more.

What If We Taught Bike Riding Like We Taught Careers?

You likely went through years of school, to “prepare” you for a career.

But you never got to try anything out!

You didn’t learn by doing.

It was Just-In-Case learning, not Just-In-Time learning.

If we taught bike riding like this, you would learn the history of biking, how rubber tires are made, and if you’re lucky you’d watch someone else ride a bike.

But you wouldn’t ever hop on the bike!

See more in this short clip, or watch the full talk on how to launch a career you love by working for free.

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