You Own Yourself

You own yourself.

This means you are running your own business, Me, Inc.

Will your business thrive and flourish?

^The Career Hackers Manifesto

Fuel Your Mind, Free Your Mind

If you want to come alive in your life and career, then you need:

A) a fresh, 21st century empowered mindset
B) to remove the old mindset we learned in school!

That’s where Human Liberation comes in, our new coaching service designed to pluck out old, subconscious beliefs from the root, freeing you to become who you were meant to be.

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Office Hours Podcast

The Office Hours Podcast is three seasons of gold from Isaac Morehouse and TK Coleman. This dynamic duo is the inspiration for the DJH itself.

Here are top recommended episodes:

Keep feeding your mind a healthy diet while on the job hunt! (These guys are funny, too).

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