Levels of a Value Creation

There are different levels of unstoppable, 21st century value creation and job hunting.

Level 1: pitch deck
Level 2: above, plus custom pitch video for one opportunity
Level 3: above, plus custom project
Level 4: above, plus detailed value proposition
Level 5: above, plus offering to work for free

There’s no “right way” to job hunt.

Just choices, cause and effect.

What will you do today?

You Are Born to Create

You don’t need be a celebrity influencer to be a creator.

The world is vast and there is room for everyone.

Your voice matters.

Start creating, start sharing.

When you build a brand, broadcast a signal, learn out loud, you not only increase your luck surface area for career opportunities, you start to live from the inside out.

You become a creator, not just a consumer.

That’s worth doing.

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Quote of the Day

“The worst day working on your purpose will still be better than the best day working on something that isn’t your purpose.”

— Julien Blanc

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