Burning Problems

What problem in the world fires you up?

Corrupt financial system?
Broken health care system?
Unhealthy, processed food?

Those are just a few to pick from. There are plenty.

Take one that fires you and find a company or entrepreneur that is already seeking to solve that problem!

There are actually many opportunities out there.

Forget if there is a job posting or not.

Just focus in on one opportunity or org that excites you, start learning about them, and asking yourself, “how can I create value?”

It could be low-hanging fruit at first, like

-writing a new blog post for an influencer you follow
-for a podcaster, taking the audio of a podcast and editing it, and sending it to them as a gift
– for an innovative cryptocurrency startup, learn a few new skills as a coder or marketer, build a portfolio online, then send a pitch straight to them

At the end of the day, you just need to be creative and persistent, and you can land a role at a company you love!

But it might start with turning inward to figure out what you’re mad about, then channeling that energy into creative, constructive action.

You can do it.

CH Classic: Quick Tips for Better Risk Taking

You don’t necessarily overcome fear by stepping blindly into the abyss.

Rather, you can take small and consistent steps out of your comfort zone, gradually expanding it over time.

Via The Muse, here’s our CH Classic on Quick Tips for Better Risk Taking.

“Taking risks doesn’t mean you have to jump into the unknown blindly. By doing your research, starting small, and learning from your experiences, you’ll build the confidence to take on bigger challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth.”

Quote of the Day

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

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