How to Quit a Job You Hate

1) Admit you hate your job
2) Make an exit plan*
3) Reflect on what you’re curious about
4) Learn new skills if needed – document your work
5) Create new connections at new companies by building relationships on LinkedIn and elsewhere
6) Send pitch videos to 3-5 companies and keep knocking on the door until yourget interviews
7) Crush the interview
8) Negotiate the offer
9) Quit Your Job

*or just skip step 2-8, quit right away, and figure it out. Necessity is the mother of invention. Stop doing stuff you hate!

How to Land a Remote Job With a Video Pitch

I wrote a fresh post for Dynamite Jobs on How to Land a Remote Job With a Video Pitch.

“On a resume, you list bullet point after bullet point…pretty boring, right? Really, do you look forward to tweaking your resume?

Probably not.

And do hiring managers scream “Heck Yeah, can’t wait for this!” when they go look at a pile of resumes?

Probably not.”

Fuel Your Mind, Free Your Mind

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A) a fresh, 21st century empowered mindset
B) to remove the old mindset we learned in school!

That’s where Human Liberation comes in, our new coaching service designed to pluck out old, subconscious beliefs from the root, freeing you to become who you were meant to be.

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