Sphere of Control

No matter what the world is doing, no matter your external situation, you have the power and potential to focus on that which you can control.

Personal and Professional Growth.

Enough said.

We Ain’t the Only Ones Preaching Video

Todd Kunsman is a content leader (and founder of Remote Work Junkie) currently pitching companies himself, using video.

See his LinkedIn post with top tips for job seekers.

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How to Create an Incredible Pitch

Skip the resume. Send a pitch. Here’s how.

“Resumes are static, stale, and honestly, they’re boring.
Recruiters don’t notice them. They’re not doing their job of getting you a job.”

But pitches are interactive. You can tell your story. They help you show what businesses actually value and prove you can do amazing things.”

Quote of the Day

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
— Aristotle

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