3 Day Blogging Challenge

What if you started a blog and did a mini-challenge, blogging 3 days in a row?

We usually recommend 30, but what if you focused on the “art of the start,” and just got your first three posts in?

This will start to build your brand and your creative muscle. You don’t need a degree or a resume — you can be your own credential! It’s all about signaling your skills and interests, and the type of person you are.

Do it!!!

Your Skills Are More Transferable Thank You Think (with Taylor Curran)

After finishing college in a major she didn’t really like, Taylor Curran did a pivot into data science, by emphasizing her soft skills to employers.

You can transfer your soft skills too!

Listen to the podcast we did with her.

Fuel Your Mind, Free Your Mind

If you want to come alive in your life and career, then you need:

A) a fresh, 21st century empowered mindset
B) to remove the old mindset we learned in school!

That’s where Human Liberation comes in, our new coaching service designed to pluck out old, subconscious beliefs from the root, freeing you to become who you were meant to be.

Learn more.

Remote Work Junkie

Remote Work Junkie has tons of remote job postings as well as tips for job searching.

Dive in!

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