Don’t Behave

Don’t be “on your best behavior” during the interview.

That’s a schooled mindset (trying to get approval from the authority).

Sure, be respectful and give 100% effort, but it’s also okay to:

-take risks
be vulnerable
-be disagreeable (while being solution oriented)
-set boundaries if you are asked a question that’s too personal for you

Yes, you want to create massive value for the company and make it about serving them! AND, know that the interview is a two-way street.

I repeat, the interview is a two-way street.

Be empowered.

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No. 1 Mistake Job Seekers Make When Explaining Why They Want the Job to Hiring Managers

Money is a tool to get human needs met, but it’s not a human need in and of itself.

That’s why in the interview, you want to appeal to something deeper as the motivation for “why you want this job.”

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“When you’re asked why you want the job, it’s important to share how you see it aligning with who you are as a person and a professional.”

Quote of the Day

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

— Arthur Ashe

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